Web & App Design & Development

Design from the heart of a poet. Code from the head of a developer.

We use the most up-to-date and widely supported HTML and CSS techniques to create amazing, fast static websites. We can also design for any CMS you need to use, such as Magneto or Joomla, although WordPress is our favorite.

We stay on top of the latest developments in SEO and know how to make your page rank well with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We’ll also make sure your mini-profiles on those sites and others are accurate.


of Americans regularly use a smartphone.


of Americans regularly use a tablet.


of Americans regularly use a laptop computer.


of Americans regularly use a desktop computer.

*Source: Ofcom Research 2017

Our sites reach all these devices at once

Responsive web design, combined with the best industry-standard tools, means we build one site that looks and works great on every device. Our sites meet Google’s standards for mobile-first indexing, which places them consistently higher in search results.

We also make full use of structured data, which lets search engines understand the content of your site and the products and services you offer. You won’t just have more traffic to your site, you’ll have more quality traffic arriving at the area of your site that is relevant to what they’re searching for.

A few of our designs